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Conference activities will begin with the Light Welcome Dinner, scheduled for the evening of Sunday, July 9th.

ECLC2023 proposes to its participants two distinct social events.

1) A guided tour of the city of Cosenza with dinner.

On Tuesday evening, July 11th, ECLC 2023 participants will enjoy a guided tour of the city of Cosenza, located at the confluence of the Busento and Crati rivers. The visit is included in the conference fee. The visit will end with a dinner/buffet in the beautiful setting of Villa Rendano, We will stroll along Corso Mazzini, where we can admire the sculptures of MAB, the open museum spread along the street. From the end of the Corso, we will head in the direction of the Convent of S. Francesco di Paola, reachable in a few minutes, to visit the sanctuary and continue towards the ancient Cathedral, with its two important mausoleums and the square in front of the building. The Villa Vecchia is the ideal place to breathe some fresh air and walk in the shade on sunny days. A highlight is the Norman-Swabian Castle, from which there is a beautiful view of the entire city. A visit to the Old Town is not to be missed, with stops at the themed itineraries of the open-air Historical Museum and the maze of its narrow streets, with a visit, perhaps, to the historic Caffè Renzelli.

2) A Gala Dinner (not included in the registration fee)

The Gala Dinner is organised in Altomonte, at the Barbieri hotel-restaurant. The small town of Altomonte, a 43-minute drive from the University of Calabria campus, offers romantic views, ancient stone-built churches and a picturesque setting for any social event. Altomonte is located in a pleasant natural setting that embraces the peaks of the Pollino and Orsomarso mountains, the Ionian Sea, the Sibari plain and the Esaro valley. A few kilometres from Altomonte is the Farneto Reserve, once a hunting reserve of the Sanseverino family, with a small fishing lake. A short distance away are the Albanian communities of Calabria and the Pollino National Park, where it is possible to go trekking, as well as in the Argentino and Rosa Valleys, the Grondo River Park, with a nature walk along the river banks, picnic area, three kilometres from the town. According to Vittorio Sgarbi, a famous Italian media personality and art critic, the Barbieri family represents the best of Calabrian cuisine.

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Places of interest in Cosenza:

Open Air Museum, MAB
Along Corso Mazzini, in the city centre, is this open-air museum, commissioned by local patrons and including important sculptural works by great masters such as Dalì, Rotella, De Chirico and Modigliani, to name but a few. A guidebook indicating the location of all the works is available and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Cosenza Castle 
Erected 383 metres above sea level on Pancrazio Hill, the Swabian Norman Castle is the city's main and most photographed monument. Its construction began in the 11th century in the Norman style and was later extended to its present structure. A true military stronghold, over time it was also used as a prison. Since 2015, the structure has been fully open to visitors.

National Gallery
In the ancient Palazzo Arnone, it offers a collection of paintings from the 16th century to the modern age. Particular emphasis is placed on artists from southern Italy. All the works were acquired by the State and destined for the National Gallery in Cosenza in 1996. Recently renovated, it offers a modern and functional interior.

In the city's historical center, this church was built in 1222 after an earthquake had razed the ancient building to the ground. Dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, in Romanesque-Gothic style, it was enriched over time with Baroque and Neo-Gothic inserts. The two mausoleums housed in the church are important: that of Isabella of Aragon and that of Henry VII of Germany.

Church of San Domenico
Built in the mid-15th century, it overlooks Piazza Campanella with a copper-clad Baroque dome. Built on an earlier building, it was consecrated in 1468, and is flanked by a Dominican monastery. After some modifications over the centuries, it still retains some Gothic elements including the large rose window and the porch cornice. Inside the complex is the BoCs, a contemporary art museum that aims to act as a bridge between ancient and new civilizations.

Villa Vecchia
A beautiful communal garden in the oldest part of Cosenza, it is the ideal place to stroll and relax, especially in the summer, when the heat is intense and you are looking for some coolness. Inside there are many statues, fountains, ponds and refreshment areas.

Teatro Rendano 
The very beautiful Municipal Theatre of Cosenza is in Piazza XV Marzo (former Piazza Prefettura), the largest square in the historic centre of Cosenza, 267 metres above sea level, and is dedicated to the pianist and composer Alfonso Rendano. It represents the only traditional theatre in the Calabria region.

Villa Rendano
A palace dating back to 1891, built by local nobility and then passed through ownership until it was purchased by a non-profit foundation that used it as a multifunctional cultural centre. Many events are planned, especially in the summer, when the beautiful garden surrounding the villa also becomes usable.

Open Air Historical Museum
This exhibition space is actually a set of open-air areas scattered around the streets and squares of Cosenza's historic centre. The areas are divided according to a precise historical period: the Bruzio route (piazza dei Valdesi, Gradoni S.Lucia, via S.Lucia), the Norman route (via Salfi, via S.Tommaso, vicolo S.Tommaso), the Swabian route (via Messer Andrea, piazza Berardi, via S.Francesco D'Assisi), the Angevin route (vico Padolisi, via Padolisi, via Miraglia), the Spanish route (via Gaeta, vico Gaeta, piazza Gerolosomitani). All the works are by contemporary artists and have as their theme the history of Cosenza over the centuries.

Museum of Arts and Crafts (Museo Arti e Mestieri, MAM)
The MAM is a space dedicated to the artisan culture of the area, created to preserve and hand down ancient crafts. Here it is possible to learn about the objects on display, but also to participate in seminars and courses. Temporary themed exhibitions are offered throughout the year. 
Altomonte (CS)
Altomonte (CS)
Cosenza Castle (CS)
Cathedral (CS)
Teatro Rendano (CS)

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